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Housing firestop

Preservative rod and cable protection type Freyssibar

Boîtier coupe-feu BoxPART


BoxPART is a rigid housing made of galvanized steel or stainless steel (according to demand) prefabricated firestop.


It protects the cables, the prestressing elements, from fire when they have to maintain optimum performance even under the action of an increased hydrocarbon fire, and meets the requirement M0 in tunnel.



The housing can be dismantled and repositioned on demand, without joints and without the intervention of a technician (guaranteed degree of fire).


Its dimensions vary according to the size of the anchorage to be protected and the geometry of the application of the site (custom manufacturing).

The housing contains an insulation complex based on fibers and fire gel, implemented in a fabric cover M0 (patented system COMPART).

  • Time saving when laying: no cutting or adjustment to be made on site

  • Multi-element protection with a single housing, suitable for multiple, space-saving anchors

  • Manipulable by one person

  • Lighter and less fragile than a set made with silico-calcareous plates

  • Applicable in all rail and road tunnels


Technical sheet
Technical sheet
Test report
Test report Efectis BoxPART


Tunnel bridge

ORLY Bridge 2


Housing firestop BoxPART