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Freezing soil

Heat transfer fluid for refrigerating or freezing

Ready to use solution

Consolidation of soils used in civil engineering

Technical sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

March 2018

March 2018


TemPART is a coolant used for refrigeration or freezing applications...

Ready to use, non-toxic and non-polluting. Doesn't contain glycol, amine or nitrite.


Soil freezing is a technique of soil consolidation used by civil engineering.



  • Ready-to-use solution that should not be diluted

  • Available in several versions whose designation reflects the lowest recommended use temperature before freezing (for example, TemPART-10 for use up to -10°C recommended, ...)

  • Low viscosity

The principle of soil freezing consists in transforming the interstitial water from the soil into ice, thus ensuring a tight and resistant connection between the grains of the ground in order to create watertight and resistant walls.

  • Packaging in 30L bucket or 200L drum

  • Keep away from moisture between 10 and 30°C