Hygienic gel dispenser on site
GelSite® - Duo model

Distribution of hydroalcoholic gel with double pedal, high capacity, suitable for high traffic sites


Indoor and outdoor distributor with secure access

No contact with users' hands

Large capacity, can hold 6 standard 5L cans of hydroalcoholic gel

Suitable for all sites, even at high traffic : autonomy between 2000 and 6000 people

No water, no electricity, no maintenance

Double pass simultaneously

Technical sheet

June 2020


Suitable for high traffic sites

Secured access

No contact with hands

No water, no electricity, no maintenance ...

Double pass simultaneously


An entrance door, access to a site, offices... are compulsory passages for thousands of people, it is also the place of major exchange of microbes and viruses...


In order not to explode the contamination, the reasonable solution is to only touch the porticoes / doors with disinfected hands.


The protection of employees is a priority, this type of distributor therefore becomes essential.

It is also a question of reassuring the personnel on site, and thanks to this device, the tone is given to all from the first access to the site. Promoted image of the employer and the company that takes care of its employees and implements barrier measures.


In the current context of the global pandemic, this distributor is a positive approach to protection that takes care of employees.


These distributors will be industrialized quickly, and there may not be one for everyone.

First come = First served.


  • Distributor delivered assembled (except pedal) and to be fixed

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation (galvanized steel)

  • No water, no electricity, no maintenance

  • Obtaining gel by simply pressing the pedal

  • Simple and reliable mechanism

  • Flow adjustment possible

  • Dimensions suitable for 6 5L cans

  • Secured to resist vandalism at risk of unwanted product removal

  • High capacity from 500 to 1000 people without changing the 5L can (on the basis of 5 to 10ml per person)

  • A reserve of 5 additional cans inside the dispenser, i.e. a range of between 2,000 and 6,000 people.







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