EI 120 Firestop silicone sealing elastomer

Passage through mechanical, electrical, ducts and expansion joints

Two-component silicone elastomer

Pourable or spatulable, adheres to all types of supports

High elasticity, resists mechanical stress

Provides air and water tightness properties, provides decontaminability to all substrates

Usable in nuclear

Tested in official laboratory

Can be used in nuclear


Official laboratory test




  • Decontaminable

  • Resistant to aggressive liquids

  • Very high elasticity (high resistance and elongation at break)

  • No shrinkage on drying

  • Self-leveling or spatulable

  • Can be used in cartridges or by casting machine

  • Can be applied several times : no influence on chemical and mechanical properties

  • Can be cut and pierced easily without special tools thus facilitating the passage of new crossings

Technical sheet

November 2019

Material Safety Data Sheet

May 2019

May 2019

May 2019

May 2019

ElasPART is an elastomer which is suitable for the passage of through and expansion joints. It easily supports mechanical stresses.


Self-leveling or spatulable, it has a very high elasticity.

Can be cut or pierced easily to facilitate the passage of new crossings.


Can be used in nuclear : PMUC 24-0151 / 24-0158.