Firestop sealant EI 240

Neutral silicone fire-resistant sealant, used in addition to the intumescent firestop seals of the SnakePART ECO range

SilPART B fire-resistant sealant is used to cover intumescent joints with SnakePART ECO

Caulking of static and dynamic expansion joints in the building : very wide movement capacity

Excellent adhesion without primer, on many construction materials : steel, wood, masonry elements...

Firebreak 4 hours minimum (EI 240)

Tested in official laboratory

Covering expansion joints


  • Excellent adhesion without primer on many construction substrates (steel, wood, masonry elements...)

  • Large movement capacity, suitable for expansion joints

  • Gas, smoke and water tight

  • Non-flowing

  • Halogen and solvent free, no shrinkage on drying

  • Excellent resistance to climatic conditions

Gray or white



EI 240


Les documents officiels seront bientôt disponibles, ils sont en train d'être mis à jour

Technical sheet

November 2019

Fire resistance PV

May 2019

Material Safety Data Sheet

May 2019

Official laboratory test


SilPART B fire-resistant sealant is used to cover intakescent SnakePART ECO profiles.


  • Seals for facade panels / curtain walls

  • Expansion joints in heavy, light pre-fabrication and traditional masonry, cladding, exterior carpentry.


Available in white or gray, with packaging in 300ml cartridge.