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Intumescent firestop mortar EI 120

Caulking of electrical or mechanical bushings and sleeves

Caulking of openings up to 1200x800mm

Firestop mortar suitable for multiple traverses

2h minimum firestop (EI 120)

To mix with water

Tested in official laboratories

Fire resistance PV

Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical sheet

November 2019

May 2019

January 2020



EI 120

25kg bag fills volume 35L

Expansion 15% to 20% on drying

Fire resistance PV, MSDS...


Mortier coupe-feu expansif EI 120 SolidPART


SolidPART is an expansive 2h firestop mortar, to be mixed with water.

Guaranteed halogen free and asbestos free.

Sealing of small to large openings (up to 1200mmx800mm) with multiple penetrations.

A 25kg bag fills a volume of about 35L.



  • Base : cement (powder)

  • Grey color

  • Density: 0,8kg/L approximately

  • DLU: 6 months (date of manufacture)

  • Thermal conductivity (according to ISO 8302) : 0.22 W/(m.K) at 10 ° C

  • 15% to 20% expansion on drying
  • Easy implementation
  • Fast setting time
  • Easy ironing of through-holes without modification of existing caulking