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Intumescent firestop foam
EI 120 - Halogen free

Firestop caulking for electrical bushings

Tested on large hoppers

Halogen-free intumescent fire-resistant foam

Exceptional expansion rate : x 12

2h minimum firestop (EI 120)

Tested in official laboratories, this product also has international certification

Technical sheet

November 2019

European Technical Assessment 

January 2016

Fire resistance PV

January 2017

Material Safety Data Sheet

August 2015



EI 120

x 12
Rate of expansion

Possibility of re-intervention

ETA (CE marking), PV fire resistance...


Mousse coupe-feu intumescente EI 120 EasyPART


70% of the fires are of electrical origin...

The fire will run along the cables and walk in the building.

The fire separation of electric bushings imposed by the regulations prevents the passage of hot gases, toxic fumes, flames.

However, it is necessary to find a simple implementation solution, effective and of course economical to re-intervene easily to pass new cables.

The product can be installed in drywall as well as in sail or concrete slab.



Halogen free intumescent firestop foam :

  • Provides a minimum fire protection rating of 2h (EI120)

  • Tested on large hoppers

  • Halogen-free warranty

  • Expansion rate EXCEPTIONAL (x 12)

  • Ready to use with 3 different packages according to your needs

  • PV of fire resistance and CE marking

Halogen free intumescent firestop foam :​

  • Protects your building

  • Meets regulatory requirements

  • Respect for people and the environment

  • Easy to implement

  • Economic