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Treatment of firestop seals

Partitioned buildings with fire walls and floors must be able to move to ensure natural expansion while maintaining the degree of fire resistance.

The effective solution to truly adapt to building movement is the SnakePART firestop seal.

Anchor protection

The cables and prestressing elements must maintain optimum performance even under the influence of an increased hydrocarbon fire.

The BoxPART firestop housing is noncombustible and meets the M0 tunnel requirement.

Fire protection of tunneling chambers

Power supplies, networks... must be protected even in case of fire for several hours.

The effective firestop system for easy inspection and re-routing of cables is the MatPART M0 N3 firestop mattress.

Caulking electrical feedthroughs

The fire compartmentalisation of the electrical bushings prevents the passage of hot gases, toxic fumes, flames.

Simple and effective solutions are SolidPART expandable firestop mortar, EvoluPART intumescent firestop protection cables and EasyPART intumescent firestop foam.

Pipe passage

For new or rehabilitation work, to pass piping, and prevent the passage of toxic fumes, flames... on both sides of the walls : the simplest solution is the intumescent firestop collar PVCPART.


This collar is used for caulking passages of plastic pipes and PVC pipes.

Freezing soil

The principle of soil freezing consists in transforming the interstitial water from the soil into ice, thus ensuring a tight and resistant connection between the grains of the ground in order to create watertight and resistant walls.


The solution for soil freezing is the liquid nitrogen conversion product TemPART.

COMPART doesn't only manufacture firestop products,

as our freezing soil solution for civil engineering illustrates.

We can try to find solutions to your construction problems !